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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not your Granny's mac and cheese

This macaroni recipe came from the greatest blog on Earth, I say that this is not your Granny's mac and cheese, and I mean that because this definitely has a different taste. The cheese sauce is a classic bechemel with the cheese of your choice added (Chef John suggests the traditional sharp cheddar, I just used a mix that I had on hand), and it gives a tang to the dish that is different and interesting. What I loved most was the crunchy topping, made with PANKO
Now I'm not going to post the recipe,breadcrumbs so of course it was so crunchy and delicious! because it is a video recipe on the foodwishes site and I'm too lazy to take the time to write it out. You really should try it!
Don't tell me that's not worth trying!

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