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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cooking tip!

Don't you hate when you're cooking bacon and the grease splatters out at you? All you want is delicious bacon and its trying to hurt you! Not good. I've always been taught the method of pouring the grease out into a cup or bowl, but then your bacon falls all over the place! Not good either. I recently found a great tip on from the fabulous Chef John that solves the problem!

You turn the pan up so the grease falls to the bottom like so

Then take a paper towel with your tongs and wipe it up!

No mess, no splatters, no grease burns! I used my pain-free bacon technique to make these babies:

Mmm I guess you could call them breakfast crostini? whatever it was, it was delicious!
Shoutout to my Dad for getting up from the couch to hold the pan for me when I realized I didn't have three hands!
"Dad, can you hold this for me"
"(watches me)...Is this for school?"
"No, Dad, its for my blog!"
"Haha ok...."
Thanks Dad!

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  1. Your dad loves you, Noelle. That took tremendous effort for him. Not the holding the pan part. The getting up off the couch part.