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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Thought I Loved Top Chef...

until I saw Top Chef Masters!

I absolutely love this show! For those of you that live in a culinary hole, Top Chef Masters is a show that world renowned chefs can compete in to win money for charities they support and "the title of Top Chef Master!" I am so obsessed with this show. I get to watch the most amazing and accomplished chefs in the country create dishes on the spot. Last season, one of my most favorite chefs ever, Rick Bayless, won the whole thing!

I was so proud of him he creates amazing food! The new season just started up, and I'm salivating over what dishes these amazing chefs will make next. I was particularly excited to see Govind Armstrong compete, because he is the owner and executive chef of the 8oz Burger Bar!

Remember this delicious piece of heaven?

Yah, he made that. Unfortunately he lost in the first heat, I think its because he didn't make them my burger. This Wednesday is the round where some chefs that lost last season get to try again. I'm curious to see how they will redeem themselves. Can't wait!

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  1. Ummmmmm. I'd have to eat that over the span of 4 days!