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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Greatest Wontons on Earth

First off, hope you had a good Earth Day! I attended a global warming debate at MSJC for extra credit in my Biodiversity class, and my teacher bought us In n' Out on the way back. Awesome! This is what I wore to show my Earth love:

Cute right? Anyways, onto WONTONS!!

This has to be my favorite recipe in the world. My mom has been making these my whole life, and I've never found a better wonton! Of course I might be a little bias, but everyone I've fed them too seem to agree! Since this is an ancient Chinese recipe (kidding, just a family one), there aren't any real measurements to the ingredients. It depends on how much beef you have, how much filling you want, how many wontons you want to make, etc.

What makes these so good are these two ingredients:

Dried shittake mushrooms (must be dried!) and Mr.Yoshida's Original Gourmet Marinade and Cooking sauce. The shittake mushrooms can be found at any regular grocery store, but the Yoshida sauce is more elusive. It's definitely at Costco, but your not going to want a gigantic bottle of who-knows-what sauce! I think you can find a smaller bottle at Stater Bros.

My suggestions with this recipe:
-These are very addicting! You should make a ton because they will be gone before you know it!
- I usually make the triangle-shaped type, but you can make what ever shape you want! There's coin purses


mini egg rolls

or Tyler's favorite, Pope hats!

Be creative!
-You need someone to help you assemble these! I'll usually recruit Jordie because she wants me to hurry up and make them, but if you're all by yourself you'll be sitting there all night!
-Uncooked wontons can be saved in the refrigerator for a few days, as long as there kept in an airtight container.

-Dried shittake mushrooms (approx. 6)
-Mr. Yoshida sauce (approx. 1/2 cup)
-Ground beef (how ever much you want! 1/2lb?)
-1 to 2 packages of wonton wrappers
-1 egg white
-Vegetable oil for frying
1. Soak mushrooms in hot water for 10-15 minutes, until soft. Dice into small pieces.

2. Brown meat in medium pan over medium-high heat. Drain fat from the pan.
3. Add mushrooms and Yoshida sauce, heat through until meat and mushrooms have soaked up the majority of the sauce. They should become dark brown, the color of the sauce.

Wonton assembly
1. Add around 1 teaspoonful to the center of one wonton wrapper.

2. Use your fingers to wet two adjacent sides of wrapper, fold opposite (dry) sides of wrapper over to create triangle.

3. Gently press any air bubbles out of wrapper, seal edges tightly. Set wontons aside under a damp towel to keep from drying out.

4. Heat enough oil in a deep pan to cover the bottom, about a 1/4 inch. Fry wontons in hot oil, 30 seconds-1 minute on each side, until they become crisp and a light golden brown. Dry on paper towels. Serve warm.

Tyler and I got creative and made some nutella wontons! So good!

These do take some time, but are easy to make and so good. You will not be disappointed!

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  1. Wow, in looking at this posts it's amazing we have a lot of the same tastes.

    I have made banana nutella wontons and posted those this past year. Also, I LOVE the regular wontons with a shrimp mixture in them and have posted those as well. I LOVE the coin purses but also the pope hats. I wasn't sure what to call them until now. Thanks!

    And thank you for your visit.